Sunday, December 13, 2009


wa ada manyak menda mawu tulis woo..tapi wa ada itu final exam..tarak tahan wo~ nanti wa tulis haa..kasi doa manyak2 sama Allah kasi wa pass dengan cemerlang..telima kasih manyak2..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

interesting quote of ALIF BA TA

definition of developed country by Dr. Bakri Musa :

"it is like pornography, i knew it when i see it"

hak ketuanan melayu, Dato' Seri Jamaludin Jarjis:

"ia ibarat rotan yang digantung untuk menyebat anak. jikalau bapa itu terpaksa menyebat anak, maka dia sudah gagal menjadi bapa. begitu juga melayu, jika ia sudah gagal, maka terpaksalah ia menggunakan segala hak ketuanan melayunya"

lagi dari Dato' Duta JJ:

"[perjuangan kita] jangan nampakkan ia sebagai tersurat, tetapi jadikan ia sebagai tersirat"

Dr. Bakri Musa:

the story of fish. ability to fish. concentrate 20% more on the average, so that you will get double input. still, don't forget the expert and the bottom [i don't really like to say bottom] with 10% more effort.

Muhammad Ali Iqbal:

"let the private sector make the decision. we cannot privatize all the government sector. it will be disastrous. maybe we can put reward system in government sector. to fire a government servant is politically dangerous."

"to have a financially better nation, the environment must be set so that the employers going to work with a mindset of losing job - everyday."

Dr. Azly Rahman:

education as a key towards change

"hang tuah utara fail SPM at youtube"

apa anda sedang buat?

saya sedang menaip kerana saya rasa da lama tak menaip

tiba2 saya rasa risau sebab saya tak siap homework lagi

oh tak mengapa sebab saya sedang masak ayam kari

oh, masak nasi juga

ada rootbeer kat sebelah ni tapi uhh..minum air kosong la di sebelahnya

ah~saya tahu mengapa begini..sebabnya sekarang baru pukul 4.30pagi~

memang la takde orang.

sebentar lagi saya bakal menikmati nasi dan kari ayam~

tak sabar rasanya mahu pulang ke malaysia

oh~ adik nangis kah? nanti abang sekeh sape wat adik tu

ok sudah sampai sini sahaja.

sudah warm up mari kita tulis apa yang patut~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

to you my friend

hi, here i am again, writing to share my thought. i feel like writing about religion today; don't worry, there will be no heavy material - just the simple ones.

the world is coming back to religion. yes, we are living in a post modern world. let us go into that for a moment. according to sheikh Omar, the definition of modern is being skeptical to the past. in pre-modern world, people with different faith would kill each other if they were living in the same house. people in modern world would say you are right for your religion and so am i.people in post modern world is coming back to the religion.

coming back to religion is actually a good thing at the first glance. (i never say it is bad after the second glance). but i prefer to see it like competition. yes, competition among YOUTH with different faith. here are few examples based on my experience. one Hindu friend of mine, he told us with confident about his goddess, deva and devi. another friend, who is Christian, made his asian girlfriend converted into catholic; and, i can see how strong he hold to his belief. one morning, i went to the basement of my building and i saw one Jewish boy who was one or two year(s) younger than me reading his old testament - alone. i can tell he was a Judah by his attire.

after all those examples the Mighty Lord hath shown me, it comes to a question. how is our youth? well, it is not easy to generalize them but again, here are few examples.

1)there is one time when I talk about my religion to different faith friend of mine. someone (who is Muslim too) whispered "hey, you might annoy him". that was not even encouraging. even the "infidel" listened to every words of mine.

2)we were required to make a presentation in Islamic Education. i was so depressed with some of their presentation. yeah, read Quran always, perform solah and blah..blah..blah. man, our religion is not just about that. are we really understand about our religion? i could say that all those cliche statements were made by people who do not live in their faith yet confessed to believe so. "to believe in something but not to live it, is dishonest" -Mahatma Gandhi

3)this is a very typical example.a group of "pious" people accused the-not-so-pious one with swear words for being ignorant about religion. yet the "unfortunate" group remain calm. the main question is-which one is the ignorant? i am not saying one side is 100% true and another is 100% wrong. but think about it this way, the God gives you a little bit more education and knowledge about religion as a sign of His kindness. and why would you discriminate the not-so-bright-about-religion guys? i tell you what, no matter who we are, we are the victims. i pray so that when we stand before God, we don't have anything to regret.

4)"uh, sorry, you can ask the ustaz about this matter" said one guy after being asked about religion.

what's next? being cynical to the religion? yes, again, one question that can answer that is "are you really believe in God; and if so, are you believe in Him?".

anyway, there are still brothers and sisters that never give up fighting for religion in whatever way. congratulation and keep it up guys. may the God be with you.
i don't want to make this post longer. yet, this is a reminder for you and me in case we forgot. please correct me if i am wrong.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

life is a test

one thing you have to remember in being a Muslim; life is nothing but a test. yes. in Quran, people in the day of resurrection are asked "How long do you live in the world?" and they answer "no longer than a day" and some say "no longer than an evening or morning".

yes, it is like your examination; the duration to take the test is not long, maybe 2 3 hours? some might be 50 minutes. but the consequences or the result can be felt as long as a lifetime. same goes to your life. you may live long enough to do this and that (and some can be wrong) and by the time comes, as a result, you pay or are paid for your doings.

why test? i have many answers in mind. ok, why are we being tested? in order to know which slave is sincere and which one is not, the best medium is a test. it is hard to explain it this way. take high school semester as an example. let say you have mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and history. when the result is posted, you learn that we get B+ for mathematics, biology A+, chemistry A, physics C and History B. for sure you have cut off point to pass and let say it is 2.5. oh great, you pass it but not as good as you wish for. one student got 4.00. another one got 1.25. the smart one goes to the top class (5ib yeaaayyy), you go to class-for-bright-but-not-elite, and the fail goes to E-class (it is not exclusive class even if the teacher says so).

now you see the point? living in this world, you may be given different kind of test (assume that as subjects) and get different results like fail, pass, succeed (A+, B, C and etc). surely, you will be put on different level of heaven or hellfire (5ib yeaaaaahh, 5E and 5 not-the-best-among-the-best).

i want to share one more thing about being test. life is a process of learning. learning? yes, learning, studying, being taught. how can you take a test without being taught? i don't how much people in this world going to examination hall with an empty brain (i did it once). you will be taught by the real Rab in different kind of ways. He puts you in one situation so that you can learn how to face it and how does it feel. let say you ask for brain, He will give you a problem to solve. you ask for money, He will provide you way to make money; or, He will show you people living in wealth and drought. to short the story, all praises to God, say thanks to Him.

one more answer for why we are being tested. have you ever heard the term upgrade? yes, a test is to upgrade you. it is like an engineer working on this engine to run a car. he knows the maximum potential of the engine. at first he might be satisfied with the performance of the engine that can run the car for 60mph maximum speed with 50mpg gas usage. then, he will test the engine with replacing a brand new carburetor. he finds out that the engine works better. and then he gives some more testing. some results can be categorized as fail; and some success. by the end of the test, the engine now is the best engine in the world. it is sophisticated and able to run a car in a speed of light with most-likely-to-be-endless power source.

same goes to you and me. He says "oh this kids is now comfortable with his life, why don't I test him with some panic situation" He continues "let see how this kids deals with it". so He tests us with giving this and that. sometime, we do it wrong (but please not all the time). and as a result, we, the upgraded version of us, will run His beautiful world with kindness IF WE UNDERSTAND. iza faqahu...

i guess that is all for today. this is a reminder for you and me in case we forgot. and please, correct me if i'm wrong. =)


oh ya, tadi ada belajar benda baru..tahukah anda, bangun pagi solat subuh boleh mengelakkan strok?tahukah anda?bla3. aku baru tahu ini tadi.alang-alang da bukak citer pasal solat subuh kan, mari kita bercerita dengan lebih lanjut mengenainya.

hari yang baik bermula dari solat subuh yang baik. hari tanpa subuh merupakan hari yang paling suwey takleh blah. seriously, it has been proven everytime i miss the prayer (yeah, i miss prayer sometimes).think positively, maybe that's how the God want to teach me about the phrase above. remember, everything happen is what best for us. here are some examples of what happen when i miss that prayer : accidentally swallowed pieces of glass, locked out of hall in an extremely clod weather, and getting zero mark for missed homework submission. basically, something must be wrong if you miss fajr prayer.

bangun pagi solat subuh boleh mengelakkan strok. bile kita terlalu lama idle tanpa bergerak (tidur tak bangun subuh), kita akan lebih berpotensi untuk kena strok. jadi dengan bangun subuh, kita akan bergerak mengambil wudhu', kerjakan solat sunat kemudiannya menunaikan solat fardhu subuh. ya, anda sudah aktif di waktu pagi. maka badan menjadi sihat dan strok berjaya dielakkan. (ceramah seseorang yang aku datang lambat..apa nama die tak tahu).

peribadi yang baik dibentuk dari solat subuh yang baik. hey, bukan senang nak solat subuh pagi2 buta nih. nak nak kalo ia dikerjakan secara berjemaah. ia sudah pasti memerlukan tahap disiplin dan kesabaran yang tinggi. anda boleh bezakan orang yang solat subuhnya terjaga dengan yang tidak. percayalah.

solat subuh berjemaah, banyak faedah. anda telah melepasi ujian angkat berat dengan sempurna. angkat berat kelopak mata dipagi hari. anda juga telah melepasi ujian ketahanan dengan sempurna. tahan mengantuk dan sabar menunggu jemaah. sudah pasti selesai solat subuh, anda akan menjadi motivated! ya, mulakan hari anda dengan subuh yang mantap. ada disebut suatu kisah ketika segerombolan tentera berjaya menawan tawanana perang islam. sebelum dihukum bunuh, satu per satu akan ditanya adakah anda solat subuh berjemaah.jika jawapannya ya, tawanan itu akan dilepaskan kerana digeruni akibatnya.wallahualam.

sebaik-baik solat qabliyah adalah qabliyah subuh. buat la solat ni. telah diaajar bagaimana besarnya fadilat solat qabliyah ini. disebut dalam suatu hadith, jika manusia mengetahui betapa besarnya fadhilat solat qabliyah subuh, nescaya dikerjakan juga biarpun terpaksa merangkak.

solat subuh itu waktunya pendek.maka segerakan lah ia. jangan la sampai terlepas.sedih la idup lepas tu.

yeah! aku baru teringat satu point yang sangat penting. tidur lepas subuh. nasihatku personally, jika anda bakal menghadapi peperiksaan dalam masa terdekat, jauhilah tidur lepas subuh kerana ia sangat melembabkan otak. first hand personal experience. kenapa?tak percaya? tapi, kadang2 subuh ni kalo duduk kat oversea masa dia tak tentu. kadang-kadang tunggu la sampai berjam jam lepas subuh tu nak pergi ke kelas. jadi, masa tu la tidur lepas subuh ni..entah la..boleh kot. aku sendiri takde jawapan yang pasti. kalo subuhnya masuk kul 3 lebih, kelas kul 9 amenda aku nak buat 6jam time semua orang tido?sudah pastinya aku jua tumbang sekali~ haha..sila betulkan jika aku salah ya.

sebenarnya banyak lagi benda yang berkaitan subuh ni. bukan takat ni je.tapi takpe la kita citer kemudian ya.