Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Convince:.:Accept//Force:.: Disastrous

**this is the thing that i have always wanted to tell people**
***enough with this stars thingy***

if you see the title of this entry, you might not have any idea what this entry is all about. this is about serious matter; but, i am not going to write this in a very serious tone. i will try my best to convey my message; but IT IS UP TO YOU TO ACCEPT IT OR NOT.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


(only p/s and p/s/s make the whole point of this entry. you can skip the whole entry to the p/s bla3)

i see blog stats this morning, and the result was fairly surprising. of course, i have never thought that it would be that much. i thought the number of all-time view alone only was like couple hundreds..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something to Ponder upon this Evening

Hi mate,

frequently we see people gather for, let say, a cause; yet little do most of them know the reason behind. i am not talking about specific event that just occurred few days ago; rather, a wide view on peoples' behavior - generally. for i am not in the exception zone, so this is merely a self reflect and time-to-time observation.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

apakah maksudnya menjadi pandai?

Assalamualaikum dan hello kawan-kawan,

masa membeli makan tengahari di kedai makcik Zainab depan balai polis selepas result kuar SPM hari itu, Zamani terdengar Mak Cik Leha membisik "Hesh~ anak Encik Zul tu pandai tu. hari tu SPM dapat 11A!!". begitulah kira-kira bisikan (yang sangat kuat sampai Zamani leh dengar) oleh Mak Cik Leha kepada makcik Zainab. maka mula lah gossip mereka yang kali ini memang betul Zamani takleh dengar.

pergi la pulak Salleh ke kedai untuk beli minyak tanah untuk uwan kesayangannya di kedai Pak Manap. "huisshhh..Salleh, dah jadi mat saleh dah kau pergi sampai Amerika tu ha. pandai betul engkau ye?".

tak pun masa Padel cakap kat Mirul masa balik sekolah "Camne ko leh jadi pandai ha? bagitau sikit buku dari langit ke berapa ko baca sampai leh jadi camni."

Mari Menulis dengan Random (sebab apa kena menulis)

Assalamualaikum dan hello rakan-rakan,

mari kita menulis dalam bahasa melayu kerana aku adalah orang melayu. kenapa la introduction bengap macam ni..dalam post kali ini, cikgu akan membicarakan tentang kepentingan menulis blog kepada diri sendiri. kalau korang rasa tak penting lantak korang la.

sekali lagi, hanya pengajaran dan nilai-nilai murni adalah sepatutnya kita amik dari pembacaan. kalau tak suka, kita ada pilihan untuk berlalu pergi. hmm..abang bunga dah aku.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5k RUN!


i am only writing this post for the sake of keeping this blog alive. no more no less. in this entry, i would like to share about my experience today that's revolve around Party With Purpose Hoboken 2011 5K Run. Nothing serious about this entry; and do not expect this entry to be like athletic experience of well-trained Marathon Olympians in his 26 miles marathon. i only write this so that we can ponder upon good values and lessons.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

it takes me some time to think what the title should be..

alright, i will write this in one shot. well, this is blog, you are not really abided by any format; yet, it might influence your academic writing skills. i have always wanted to activate this blog again simply because i have so many things to say. unfortunately, i PROCRASTINATE because i think this is not the best time to write anything. i thought i have to fully prepare myself by reading more books, and articles; and perhaps, i should be doing some more researches.

but i was slightly wrong.

it is not a decent writing if you don't do any research at all. but it is also not a good thing to put off writing for a long time because you simply think you don't research enough.