Tuesday, June 22, 2010


my friend says "once or twice people come to your site and see no update they will not go again". i don't know, that's almost true for certain circumstances. well that what makes me not writing for such a long time. it is because i have already procrastinated for i don't know how long; and i am afraid or daunted to write back..some ideas i have in mind have already immersed in thin air..such a waste didn't it?

well, a comeback is hard. really hard. harder than starting from scratch.

to constantly keep up with the same thing is another thing.

but one man has motivated me. he says (more or less) "we must contribute something at least and giving out idea is my style". thank you.

and thank you to some of you guys out there for constantly asking about update although it has been idle for almost a year (wtf?). i see them as support.

people can't run from mistake as to err is humane. leaving blogging/writing is a huge mistake for me. i did mistake and thank you for reminding me. it might be the reminder for you and me in case we forgot..