Monday, January 23, 2012

Nagging on Laziness


Most of the people that are close to me know that I have a short-temper; but, I am not here to talk about my temper in which at some point is uncontrollable. We'll talk about it in other coming post InsyaAllah. Albeit I know I should have not let my anger override my rational thinking; yet, last night, I was really upset when someone said something that has always upset me.

Yet I cannot say that is the thing that upsets me the most (because there are too many things that can upset me and I seriously do not know how to rank them in order).

"Hey, it is already third paragraph yet you haven't said anything about the thing that upset you. You are pissing me off!!"

OK. Sorry. Y'know, it is about the way people acknowledging the idea of laziness in themselves that upsets me.

"He doesn't perform well does not mean he is stupid. He is just lazy"

Thank God I was not made of explosives; or else, I would have exploded already. Let me explain to you why it upsets me so much.

See, this is how some people out there think when it comes to performance. They thought that low academic performance is a result of unfortunate slowness in absorbing class materials; yet, they unconsciously admit that those low-performers are actually blessed with intelligence and they can't do well is SIMPLY because they are lazy. get my point?

You see how those two ideas, namely unfortunate slowness and blessed intelligence, do not go along really well? They are like oil and water! How could someone slow can be intelligent? I am not demeaning slow people for who they are - that is something for sure.

Alas, they take laziness as a petty matter. The word "just" itself exhibits how laziness has a very insignificant contribution to the problem.

How ignorant someone could be to notice that the real problem is the laziness per se? The presenting problem, which is low performance, is not a result of weak cognition; yet, little did they know that laziness is the root of the problem.

The ability of mental to process knowledge and materials up to certain level is not our choice. If we were born slow, then there is nothing we could do about it. Well, of course some people undergo therapy and constantly hope for miracle to happen. The effort to overcome something that is beyond our power and choice in order to be better person is noble by itself. Hey, God will not grant you something unless you work hard for it. remember?

Ar-Ra'd (11) image source:

"For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah. Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron"

What I am trying to say is that it is not fair for someone to put blame of weak performance on the capacity to acquire knowledge.

It is their stupidity that should be blamed for. Wait, what do I mean by 'stupidity' here?

We must be thankful to be bestowed with the precious willpower since there is no other creation of God are given the power of will. In our lives, we always face with choices and it is actually up to us to choose what we think the best for us (based on our understanding and existing laws).

So, what does stupidity has to do with willpower? Ignorant people, for me, are the ones who intentionally made wrong decision even though they know, by heart, it is a wrong decision. Alright, this is for you students; do you know that you will not get good grade if you don't study? Duh~ Why do I bother to ask you when we already know the answer to this silly question? It is because I just want to make my point clearer! Isn't it stupid for somebody who has known the
answer to that stupid question yet he or she still goes for the stupid choice? Yes, that is the stupidity that needs to be cured.

If we could spend every single penny that we have to cure the existing low mental capacity, why would not we spend a little time to think and make the right (read obvious) choice?

Ah..isn't it really stressful to see something good that is already served before our eyes yet we choose to have the bad meal? *insert clip from Family Guy to illustrate this example* (sorry I can't find a clip, but I am sure you guys will find one)

Failure to identify the real problems is the biggest problem because you will never know where to start while the presenting problem worsens.

Being lazy never helps you to be engineers.

Please, correct me if I am wrong in a wise and acceptable manner. Verily, I am only another person that has a lot of defects in my being.


  1. There's no way one could achieve wisdom unless he rejects false norms and make changes at the expense of becoming the 'weirdo' among his people.

    sounds familiar isn't?

    1. bingo! ;D
      may Allah bless n guide us.

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    1. haha..takde la smart mana pun mat pe..kalau banner smart tapi content tak smart tiada berguna juga~