Sunday, October 24, 2010


The word POYO

I have been hearing this word since I was in primary school – perhaps, same goes to everyone else. What does this word mean? Well, according to few people I met, they said that the word means beautiful in Javanese language; but, as far as I am concern, the word POYO that I have been familiarized with does not carry that meaning. Instead, in Malaysian Urban Dictionary, it says “Malaysian slang for a person who doesn’t realize how fag he/she is, shameless action, self boasting”. I must admit, it shall be true sometime. On the other hand, I try my best to minimize the usage of this word because I found that this word is extremely DANGEROUS.

It is dangerous because I have seen the effects on our society. That word kills motivation, spirit and potency. Are you up to do some experiment? Ask people around you this question “when you have an idea, especially one that has something to do with our necessities, would you like to stand up and ensure it is implemented? Or at least tell it to everyone?”. Some familiar answers would be “Hehe, it’s okay, I will keep it for myself”, “Oh, others would do.”, “Err..I am afraid people will say this and that” and many more. Why? They have been discouraged until their SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY and CONFIDENCE have been totally corroded.

It leads nowhere to develop mind, skills and communication. People who had the experience of being called POYO will be daunted to stand up for him/herself even if his/her intention is on good or necessary thing. How can we have a developed society when there is a huge barrier to block development? How can you expect a newly alive seed to continuously grow up when it is being harmed by unhealthy critics? Some might say “Oh, don’t care what people say, just do whatcha gotta do.” I tell you what; this is what we should have done: remind them to stop calling others POYO. It is because the word itself is not even close to any constructive critics at all. This might be a small thing to do but I never doubt it will be at least one step to free our minds from oppressed state.

I prefer not to write about why people tend to call others POYO but it might be a question that we can answer ourselves. As a reminder for me and you as in case we forgot, please stop calling others POYO because it brings more harm than good. We may try to minimize or forbid the usage of that word too, if possible. If we don’t like ones’ idea, why don’t we face to face, professionally, argue that idea and come up with better ones? That is far better than mocking people with names and labels. And perhaps, dude, if you call others POYO, don’t you think you are the real fag? Oh snap!!

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  1. among the local uni students. utp is consider as one uni that produce poyo students :D

  2. and clearly you did not get my point, asna. who are you to call people poyo; and by what definition do you ascribe them as poyo?