Wednesday, September 1, 2010

series of events

alright, i am not going to write this post in academic manner. there will be no thesis statement, elaboration and things alike. anyway, let me start with what happen last weeks. i figured out that i haven't updated my blog ever since. i was really busy.

it was my final week for summer II. i had 2 finals - design of machine components and fluid mechanics. well, something that has been discouraging me ever since that i don't think i did well during fluids final because i didn't have enough sleep. i was also preparing for my interview that was also on the same day. so because i don't have enough confidence, though i actually was, i studied all night long - although i am supposed to be programmed,by past experience, to become aware the fact that it should have been done earlier. i didn't want it to end up like dynamics (because the same thing happen! full mark for tests and quizzes but messed up in the final). so as the result haven't come out yet, i just can pray and pray. on the other hand, i am so surprised with my machine components. i did not expect i get that grade, though. thanks God. well, design of machine components was a take home final and should had been done in three days. because of procrastination disease rooted deep inside me, i did it 4 hours before its due. (p/s: though, i wasn't the last one to hand the final)

ah, speaking of interview, i did not know what i did wrong but it's just not meant to be my job. well, i don't meet the requirement - having a valid driving license.

and also, there are like 30 of newly come (Malaysian, for sure,) students to Stevens. please God, give me strength to do what is right for me, them and everybody. and also, i have, successfully, if i CAN say so, got out from any position in MASA. well actually people don't like me so i am not voted - that is the real story. i am just making it like i was important. anyway, i don't have any official power to say anything but, trust me, deep inside i feel responsible to do what's right. i think, am sure, i would say, they think i am snobbish. well, i can live with that. it has been my first impression ever since my first interaction with human species.

ah! i had my friends, Ijem, Azhari, and Pobin visiting New York and eventually me! it was a lot of fun. i haven't been so happy since i don't know when. we did a lot of things including drawing six packs on our tummy~ :D

but now, they are now safely return to their own habitat. until next time. and so my classes has started. i am so advance that i don't know what else i should enroll in. unlike any other normal students, i am now doing 2nd semester of junior year with a class from senior year. isn't that advance? it is. why? it is because i had prepared to work during fall yet i don't have chance to do so. well, i am not really upset as i know there is a bless in disguise for no matter what happen and things happen always for reason.

and yeah! speaking of class, i was initially planning to do minor in engineering management. in order to do so, i got to take four classes. one of them, which is the most critical one, is accounting and business analysis. i missed the first class because i needed to take some sleep. really i need to because i didn't have a really good-night sleep and the classes was like from 8 to 2.30pm non-stop without any gap. what the duck!! so i just went to the class yesterday. i was a few minutes late. there was an old man, standing in the middle of class and staring at screen in front of the class. he was, like he has been thousand times rehearsed, smoothly explained the slide; yet, i don't have any single clue what he was talking about. i still remember i missed the first class of Differential Equation and i got a real bad grade for it. so i don't want the same thing to happen again. and also, it was terribly boring that i was just sitting and staring for 3 minutes and i went out of the class and erased my name from attendance list and i dropped that class! tadaaa!! it happened in incredible speed; isn't it? and three minutes is actually long enough for me to make up my mind to not doing minor while thinking of doing minor took me about three semester. seriously i don't understand at all what he was saying - cash cow, harvest, invest, divest, importance grid. wtf (what the fish) are them?plus, the slide was not attractive and interactive at all.

so it was just moment after i dropped that class i realized that i only had 13 credits for this semester. i was like what?? only 13. and i started going crazy. i went to see dean to enroll in technogenesis but sorry that class is only for seniors and E 355 (engineering economics), which i am taking right now, is the pre-requisite course. so only after hours of trying and error to put up some classes that i wish to retake, i came out with a solution to take technical elective course. thanks God there was a friend of mine, who is senior right now, taking that class too. so yeah, my credit is now 16. even though i am not really satisfied but i think it is enough. so i guess that would be all. thank you! :D


  1. you were not voted not because you were whatever, but because you are going to jon the co-op prgrm.

  2. haha..but i was not accepted for any job either!

  3. haha..ape yg malas nye? tak buat minor ke? ak tak rasa cam sempat la irwan..