Sunday, July 17, 2011


(only p/s and p/s/s make the whole point of this entry. you can skip the whole entry to the p/s bla3)

i see blog stats this morning, and the result was fairly surprising. of course, i have never thought that it would be that much. i thought the number of all-time view alone only was like couple hundreds..

it makes me think; what does actually attract people to my blog? (even though there is nothing in the comment section). and, eventually it made me thinks whether or not is this result true. why should not it be true? anyway, these questions are not worthy to be answered.

it makes me think about three things:

1. myself. even though this seems unrelated but i gotta say that i shall not be snobbish and arrogant anymore. life is too short to be arrogant. it is not all about me, me and me.

2. istiqamah (continuous in doing one thing). even though i have a lot to say and eager to post them everyday, i think it would be better if i limit my post to be 3 times a week. God likes continuous good deeds although they are small in our eyes. in addition, it could give me more time to draft things in my head and do more research so that i can come out with better writing. can i also say that it teaches me patience?

3.readers. rapid posts could make some readers feel that they are outdated.

p/s: wouldn't it be a good idea if someone can suggest me topics that i could write? i can write things on my own thought but by having some topics that are most closely related to you (instead of me) will surely make me dive into other worlds. and the good news is, i will not be 'syok sendiri'.

p/s/s: this blog has new face! i hope people like it. and there is a feedback section which is really time-saving ; so, you don't have to write comments in great amount of length - just click whatever you feel like. just so you know, i am not so crazy about having a lot of comments; i just want to know the relevance of my writing so that my time and your time will not be wasteful.

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