Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something to Ponder upon this Evening

Hi mate,

frequently we see people gather for, let say, a cause; yet little do most of them know the reason behind. i am not talking about specific event that just occurred few days ago; rather, a wide view on peoples' behavior - generally. for i am not in the exception zone, so this is merely a self reflect and time-to-time observation.

it's good to see people get together to erect good causes that are, obviously, leading toward their own benefit. yet, unfortunately, among them, how many are there really understand the cause by heart? or, they just simply go with the motion.

going with the flow is one of the unavoidable human natures. it should not be anything wrong with that as there is an Arabic saying goes like " Every child of Adam is child of environment". people are shaped, or molded, or fashioned by the environment.

only a handful people can see beyond the atmosphere. these people are actually responsible to notice and realize what is up with their environment and it is up to them to change it (if necessary). alas, not many are brave enough to stand up against the norm and say "Hey, this is not the way things should be done; let's go to a better path.". it is because, in some cases, they know that they will be flooded by sea of ignorance; and, they think being rejected is no longer bearable.

living in the society that has gotten used to this unhealthy environment is totally tiring. sticking around with people that are judgmental, overly skeptical, and blindly (and deadly) choosing side is seriously sickening. it makes you feel like changing the environment at first, and silently kill you from inside later. God bless for people who are committed to be the change.

in my naive point of view, people should have had their own understanding solid; and, they must have reason(s) before they can support and live out one cause. there is totally nothing wrong to ask! question yourselves, why in the world shall we/i do this? if you can't really find the right answer, then it's no more good to continue. BUT THIS ONLY APPLIES TO ANYTHING THAT HAS NO DIRECT ORDER FROM GOD. if it is about ibadah or worship; then, it is slightly a different story.

so here comes the responsibilities of people from two classes:

1. for people who are gifted to be able to see out of the context, it is your responsibility to go towards good and recommended environment. healthy environment starts from healthy person. and, as Gandhi said as follow " if you want to see the change, be the change." patiently explain why some causes are good to support and the reasons behind things we are doing. being different is seriously painful; but, the results are worth the risks and pain.

2. for people who want to be in a good cause yet can't really see the point, then it is time for you to actually challenge and question yourselves. dare yourselves to be different. dare yourselves to go against mainstream. dare yourselves to be the catalyst of change. dare yourselves to accept the truth even though the truth is sheer bitter to swallow. dare yourselves to widen your view and diverse your way of thinking. follow not but things you understand by heart.

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