Sunday, July 10, 2011

it takes me some time to think what the title should be..

alright, i will write this in one shot. well, this is blog, you are not really abided by any format; yet, it might influence your academic writing skills. i have always wanted to activate this blog again simply because i have so many things to say. unfortunately, i PROCRASTINATE because i think this is not the best time to write anything. i thought i have to fully prepare myself by reading more books, and articles; and perhaps, i should be doing some more researches.

but i was slightly wrong.

it is not a decent writing if you don't do any research at all. but it is also not a good thing to put off writing for a long time because you simply think you don't research enough.

this brain needs to be challenged critically; or else, it will lower its capacity and potential - because it automatically perceives that it does not need to go that far.

i think, the longer i procrastinate, the slower i would be.

i had this idea just now. the idea of doing things immediately when you think of it. how pathetic i am to have that kind of idea this late. teettt! it is never too late. when you (or I in this case) have perceived one idea that needs to be executed, DO IT RIGHT AWAY.

i hope i can keep this momentum. this is hard to sustain; yet, i will start (or restart) slowly.

i hope you don't think that this article is just about me. it applies to us all. hoyeah

*thank you people for constantly visiting my blog even though i don't write anything :')
God bless you all

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